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Titanic Belfast

“We worked collaboratively with an international team of designers, architects and content developers…”

The Titanic Belfast project required us to use our expertise in interpretive graphic design to inform and engage visitors and to sustain their interest and attention across the 11,000 square metre exhibition area.

In our design, which ranged from panels to diagrams to infographics, we needed to strike a balance between celebrating  Belfast’s shipyards and taking a sensitive approach to Titanic’s sinking.

We designed an overall graphic language which tied the experience together and was rolled out across all nine galleries. Each gallery’s design was adapted to suit its theme and place in the visitor’s journey through the building. We devised a colour-coding scheme for the galleries, ensuring that each gallery had its own specific look and feel. This helped visitors navigate the exhibition spaces more easily.

We also designed templates for the labelling of all artefacts exhibited in Titanic Belfast.

We created a large number of infographics in-house, which provided at-a-glance information in a visual manner. For example, comparing the height of one of Titanic’s propellers to that of a double-decker bus.

We proofread and typeset over 24,000 words which were supplied to us by Event Communications. We researched, catalogued and collated over 2,000 images, subsequently selecting, licensing and captioning the best 540 of these.

In addition to contemporary images, the exhibition’s visual language also depends upon a large number of specially commissioned illustrations. We selected, managed, briefed and art-directed all illustrators involved in this project and were responsible for incorporating their finished illustrations into the overall narrative of each gallery.

We worked collaboratively with an international team of designers, architects and content developers to ensure the exhibition was launched in time for the centenary of the ship’s sinking.

We designed and produced 210 panels and 1,089 individual graphics for the exhibition, including 700 square metres of window graphics.

IDI Design Awards 2012
Titanic Belfast, Commended