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SS Nomadic Book

Titanic Belfast

A special ship with a fascinating story

Tandem developed an immersive interpretive experience onboard the historic SS Nomadic, RMS Titanic’s tender ship and the last remaining White Star Line vessel. To extend the experience, a complementary souvenir brochure was also produced for visitors to peruse and purchase if they wish.

From the outset of this project, we worked with the client to develop a solid foundation of research. This was then translated into a thematic structure balancing multiple narratives as we sought to tell the story from a variety of historic perspectives.

This research was also used to inform the production of the elegant souvenir brochure, where text and evocative images combine to tell the fascinating story of this plucky ship. The souvenir brochure brings together never-before-seen photographs of the restoration of the ship, as well as heritage images placing the ship in context throughout its 20th century history.

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Beautifully illustrated with dozens of historic and contemporary images, the souvenir brochure allows readers to immerse themselves in the unique story of the SS Nomadic.