Tandem Design

Richard Weston

Richard Weston

Head of Branding & Marketing

Richard is interested in the parallels between marketing and interpretation; recognising that each is fundamentally concerned with "inducing behavioural change in the receptive audience" – engaging, stimulating and inspiring on a deeply meaningful and lasting way is a shared goal.

Connecting people through the interplay of strategy, writing and design is what spurs Richard on; bringing branding and marketing insights to play across some surprising aspects of our work.

Beyond the studio

Richard is fascinated by creative strategy, graphic design and typography (contemporary and historical) so his interests inevitably stretch beyond the studio.

As a steering committee member of the Northern Ireland Design Alliance, he has organised numerous talks for the region's design community. Richard has contributed texts to design publications and has lectured at the University of Ulster. In his spare time Richard runs the ‘found type, print and stuff’ blog www.acejet170.com

Dream Interpretation Project

Richard believes in the Power of the Small: A humble fountain pen can inspire one of the world's greatest poets. Is there any limit to the diminutive scale of inspiration? Can an interpretive experience fit in your pocket? Given half a chance, Richard would like to try. 


Qualifications :

BA Hons (2:1) Graphic Arts and Illustration
Bourneville Art School
September 1985 – June 1989