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Philippa Todd

Philippa Todd

Education Consultant

Philippa is an ardent believer in how education in the heritage sector is key to young children understanding the value of their shared story and this is evidenced by her many years of Primary Teaching experience, particularly in the Integrated Education Sector and working with children with Special Educational Needs and Disability.

She works with the whole team in Tandem to ensure we are placing access for all in its broadest sense, at the core of our inclusive approach. Philippa also assists with the day-to-day running of Rollo House and ensures we never run out of the essentials!

Beyond the studio

Philippa is very interested in questions around cultural identity, heritage and migration, herself being a second generation British Asian, a daughter from a mixed marriage in the very early days of mixed marriages and growing up in rural ‘Aga Saga’ West Sussex.

To add to the melting pot that is her identity, she has lived in Northern Ireland for the last 15 years and produced 3 offspring who have an even more mixed identity than her own.

She feels fiercely connected with her Indian and English roots and now Northern Ireland, which for the foreseeable future, until she reaches her ‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ style retirement in Rajasthan, is ‘home’!

Dream Interpretation Project

Philippa is both fascinated and deeply moved by the stories and life experiences of British Asians and issues surrounding migration. Whilst recognising that there are many untold stories, both historically and still happening, she would love to see her father’s unique story being interpreted and shared.

This includes experiencing partition, migration, and being a refugee as a child, his 3 week journey on a ship to the UK, living as an immigrant and the subsequent struggle to establish a new life and educate himself in Britain in the early 1960s.



BA Hons Music, Religious Studies and Social Studies
University of Derby

MA Social Science & Cultural Studies
University of Birmingham

PGCE Primary Education
University of Brighton