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Tandem was first commissioned by Lagan Legacy to assist in their Stage Two application to Heritage Lottery Fund for the development of a Maritime Heritage Centre to be located within the MV Confiance.

It was essential to ensure visitor movement and flow continued throughout the entire barge, from the Gallery and Multi-Use Space below deck, to the upper deck Café. In the exhibition gallery, visitor flow was achieved by taking a ‘zoned’ approach to the interpretive layout, using graphic devices and colour changes to indicate new theme sections.

A computer terminal provides visitor access to reminiscence from the ‘Oceans In Mind’ outreach project, and additional archive material can be accessed through touch screens located throughout space. 

There are hands-on physical, educational and technology-based interactives and puzzles spread throughout the gallery alongside artefact and memorabilia displays, including Canberra plans, totalling 12 different decks on display in custom-made vitrines with drawers.

Our ultimate goal would be to collaboratively link the interpretative experience at the Titanic’s Dock & Pump-House with the experiences at the MV Confiance, the Nomadic and Titanic Signature Project to future proof and enhance the maritime visitor experience in Belfast.