Tandem Design

Jenny Brady

Jenny Brady

Graphic Designer

Jenny knew at a very young age that she wanted to pursue her creative interests. But it was her logical brain that directed her towards graphic and spatial design.

Jenny is particularly interested in using graphic elements within the physical environment to provoke thoughts and feelings.

Beyond the studio
Jenny loves to travel and her interest in places, food and local crafts are her passions. She is keen to develop her existing interest in 3D design and product design.

Dream interpretation project
Jenny is fairly new to to interpretive design and sees no boundaries in what an exhibition can or should be. Jenny is fascinated by how our experiences can shape how we all individually perceive art, design, history and culture.

She would love to challenge the idea of how visitors engage with traditional exhibitions by creating a multi-sensory experience. 



Bachelor of Design with First Class Honors in Graphic Design & Illustration, with a specialism in Graphic Design

Diploma in Industrial Studies

BDes Foundation Year for Specialist Degrees