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Gillian McIntosh

Gillian McIntosh


Gillian’s interests lie within the sphere of social and cultural history, in particular around how people act in public space, commemorations, symbolism, visual culture and the built environment. 

She is drawn to quirky historical discoveries and re-imaginings of sometimes forgotten stories and gets a buzz out of engaging with people and finding ingenious ways of enabling them to access the past. Like most historians, she likes having a puzzle to solve.

In her own work Gillian often comes back to Benedict Anderson’s concept of the imagined community, and the dynamic process through which a community is created in a variety of ways through engagements with literature, history, art and broadcasting.

Beyond the studio

Gillian contributes to radio and television as an expert on a variety of historical topics, and as a consultant has advised documentary makers. She has lectured for Queen’s University and for their Open Learning students, she has been a research fellow at Queen’s University and the University of Ulster, and acted as an academic advisor for the BBC.

She has written books on political culture and Belfast City Hall, and has edited two books (with others) on women and Irish history, and she has contributed to the edited volumes of others. She admits that she really enjoys the process of writing and editing in all its stages. She likes to collaborate with other imaginative and creative people

Dream Interpretation Project

One which successfully helps us to experience the power of broadcasting in its golden age, before television.



BA History and English
University College Cork

MA Irish History
University College Cork

PhD in Modern History
Queen's University Belfast