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Cathal Tunney

Cathal Tunney

Graphic Designer

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Cathal brings over 12 years worth of experience and insight to all his work. He loves collaborating on new projects to generate original concepts and designs that are fresh, innovative and, above all, true to the client's identity and values.    

Cathal strives to generate pure layers of rich, engaging narrative through seamless design, on point copy and stunning visuals. He brings a sharp and careful eye to matters of detail and design. In all that he does, he pushes himself to think more creatively and more reflectively and absorb as much as he can by way of new skills. 

Beyond the studio

Cathal comes from a family of Irish traditional musicians, storytellers and singers and while he would be reluctant to serenade anyone with a song, he is an avid fiddle player. He is constantly adding to his repertoire of tunes, learnt from his father, and tries to get to as many music sessions as possible.

Cathal's other passion is beekeeping, something he has picked up over the last 4 years. He has immersed himself in the beekeeping culture and as well as tending to his bees, he also runs a blog where he shares stories from other Irish beekeepers with the hope of opening up this flourishing pastime and its rich history in Irish society to the wider public. 

Dream Interpretation Project

Cathal enjoys pushing himself to learn new things and expand his mindscape. Discovering a new topic he never knew existed, interpreting an untold story, navigating a new place… that's the dream job.



Foundation Studies in Art & Design
University of Ulster, Belfast
September 2001 – June 2002  

Design and Visual Communications, BA Hons
University of Ulster, Belfast
September 2002 – June 2005