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Belfast Hills Partnership

Belfast Hills Partnership

Our strengths in delivering innovative outdoor interpretation married with strong branding are showcased in this project.

The Belfast Hills Partnership was launched in 2005 bringing together statutory bodies (including NIEA and Belfast councils) to act for all sides and interests in the Hills. Tandem was commissioned by BHP to design and provide a number of outdoor signs for display.

We assessed that the signs needed to represent the corporate branding of the siteā€™s specific public landowners, as well as the brand guidelines and strategic aims of BHP.

As the signage was being placed outdoors, it needed to be suitable for the environment in which it was to be located, therefore we designed the panels to suit a powder coated steel frame in the urban areas, and a wooden frame in the more rural locations.

Our designers worked directly with Belfast Hills Partnership to develop a suite of designs, which could be rolled out across a number of the panel variations, from the Welcome Panels to the Heritage Signs.

A number of images were supplied directly from the Belfast Hills Partnership, along with suitable text for each of the panels. Our design team developed these into final artworked panels.

In addition to our Welcome Panels, Welcome To Site Signs and our Heritage Panels, we developed a number of zinc rubbing panels, showing the landscape of Belfast and specifically highlighting noticeable features such as Belfast City Hall, the City Hospital, and as far into the distance as the Mourne Mountains.

We developed a number of zinc rubbing panels to show the landscape of Belfast, specifically highlighting noticeable features in the landscape such as Belfast City Hall.